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Air and Climate Unit

Elisabetta Vignati
Unit Head


We all want clean air: it is good for our health, agriculture, ecosystems and the climate. Despite continued efforts to reduce the emissions of harmful air pollutants, air quality remains an issue in many world regions, including Europe. Improving air quality is a complex process which involves acquiring a thorough understanding of what is causing air pollution, what can be done about it, and a prioritisation of measures to reduce air pollution. Air pollution and climate change are connected problems: the sources of air pollutants and climate-warming greenhouse gases are often the same. Air pollution can influence climate change, and climate change can influence the levels of air pollution.

The Air and Climate Unit works on many aspects of air pollution and climate with the aim of providing integrated analysis in support of EU air quality and climate policies. We evaluate the emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants on European and global scales. We measure and model atmospheric components of relevance for human health, and how they interact with ecosystems and climate. We play a strong role in the harmonisation of monitoring and modelling techniques across Europe - this is essential in order to ensure that reliable and comparable EU air quality information is available as a basis for policy decisions. Finally, we participate in integrated assessments to support the development of air quality and climate policies that ensure the maximum benefit from the resources that are invested in creating a better environment. 

The work of the Unit benefits from its strong involvement in international research projects and observation networks as well as participation in science-based assessment in the framework of United Nations organisation.



Contact Info:

Unit Head:
Elisabetta Vignati - Tel.: +39-0332-789414  E-mail: elisabetta.vignati(at)

Information Correspondent:
Elisa Battistoni - Tel.: +39-0332-785185  E-mail: elisa.battistoni(at)

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